Marchelo Vera is an internationally based Puerto Rican-American visual artist, educator,
and designer. His professional experience includes working on global brands, identities,
and publishing projects for New York City based fashion houses and world leading media
companies including Armani Exchange, Simplicity Creative Group, Hearst, Meredith, and Bonnier.

As a technologist, he contributes to the evolving dialogue of printmaking through his independent
and collaborative print media projects and interactive installations. His concepts and interests
explore the convergence of traditional print techniques such as intaglio and serigraphy with
more contemporary and interdisciplinary methods that utilize photography, video, and sound.

His artworks have been exhibited nationally and internationally including across Los Angeles,
New York City, and Seoul. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Art and Director of Graphic Design.

Marchelo had several childhood aliases while growing up in between the city and suburbs
of Worcester, Massachusetts. His surroundings included decaying industrial paper mills,
factories, and pine tree covered mountainous landscapes. When he wasn’t visiting relatives
in Philadelphia or New York, his summers were spent living in Puerto Rico chasing chickens.

While attending a vocational technical high school, he changed his major three times to include
Electronics, Information Technology, and Graphic Communications. As a teenager he found
himself surrounded by the city streets and DJ nightlife scene of the 90′s, which led to the
frequenting of clubs with best friend, DJ Ecstatic. Marchelo began collecting party flyers
and watching hard house DJ battles, which ultimately led to his downloading of Photoshop
and sparked interest in the arts. He’s been hanging out and people watching, trying to attain
a better understanding of the Sociological Perspective ever since.

Artist Statement

21st Century civilization allows a glimpse into the progressive art paradigm that encompasses
our constantly transforming technological advancements.

My work is a reaction to my life experiences and reflects my interests in the synthesis of media,
history, and technology. I explore society through traditional and digital methods that constantly
push me to alter my surroundings and visual language.

I am interested in the global network of our modern times and the interrelated possibilities within it.
I produce artwork that utilizes generative elements and formulas found in nature, while being inspired
by universal symbolism, conditions of the ruin, and ideas stemming from the realm of unconscious thought.

My contemporary printmaking and design methods create abstract environments and imagery that explore
identity, culture, and an evolving reality within an age of Digitalism. •