Mogurige, Seoul Arts Community

I was recently invited to one of the “Mogurige” artist group meetings where local talents gather together with art director Seohee Yoon to discuss exhibition opportunities, everything art, events, and the critique/discussion of each other’s works. I am currently living in Bucheon with my artist friends 1000 Day and 08AM, so it was a great opportunity to head back to Itaewon to see a different side of the “foreigner’s district”. In the past, Itaewon was known for being home base to many American Army personnel, but today it has grown into a place for all foreigners from around the world. During the day, the streets cater to tourism, tailored clothing, and souvenir shopping; while its after hours are dramatically different, catering to nightlife and the more seedy subcultures of Seoul. Many artist studios and shops are beginning to open up in the area due to lower rents, some of the studios that I have come across include Tiger House, Soul Tattoo Studio and Gallery, and Jankura Art Space. During the day if you veer towards the left of exit #4 (Headed towards Namsan tower) you will find the home of Mogurige along the many foreign owned antique storefronts.

Mogurige, artist group in Seoul

Mogurige, artist group in Seoul

With members: Kaze Park, 08AM, Ena Kim, Seohee Yoon, Sena Hwang, Ae-Ri Kim, 주시은, Nj Sung, 최연서


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